PHPCounter VII

Countries List

Analysing log file for the Epoch that started on 18 May 17.
Time since start of Epoch: 281.23 days; 165.75 hits per day.

Total number of country TLDs: 49, to give a total of 163 hits with a recognised country-specific TLD.

TLD (Country) Number of Hits
Unknown ()46128
com ()242
net ()80
de (Germany)34
eu ()33
br (Brazil)18
th (Thailand)6
ua (Ukraine)5
me ()5
id (Indonesia)4
se1-2 ()3
it (Italy)3
co (Colombia)3
bo (Bolivia)3
at (Austria)3
nz (New Zealand)2
kh (Cambodia)2
ke (Kenya)2
jp (Japan)2
us (United States)2
vn (Vietnam)2
se (Sweden)2
ch (Switzerland)2
in (India)2
ru (Russian Federation)2
org ()2
rs ()1
wtf ()1
tr (Turkey)1
ir (Iran (Islamic Republic of))1
network ()1
pk (Pakistan)1
fr (France)1
ci (Cote d'Ivoire)1
cl (Chile)1
uy (Uruguay)1
pt (Portugal)1
hu (Hungary)1
ec (Ecuador)1
pl (Poland)1
arpa ()1
my (Malaysia)1
io (British Indian Ocean Territory)1
hn (Honduras)1
nl (Netherlands)1
by (Belarus)1
py (Paraguay)1
il (Israel)1
software ()1
The TLDs that are not counted as countries (because they do not point to a particular country) are: .com, .net, .org, .info, and others. Please see the IANA links below for more information.
The TLDs .mil, .edu, and .gov are counted as USA domains.
The TLD->Country database is derived from the list found at the IANA ccTLD List. The generic TLD database is derived from the IANA gTLD List.

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